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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Internet Radio and Cloud Computing

It’s certainly not the death of radio but it’s putting a serious dent in the market share, but what’s worse is that is putting a HUGE dent in the labels, publishers and more importantly the songwriters and artist’s pocketbooks.

With more and more “free radio” that’s ad driven for the licensing fees or even subscription services such as Satellite the slice of the pie for the songwriters and artists gets ever smaller ending up as not even a slice- more like crumbs. There’s just not enough revenue generated to truly compensate the copyright creators and/or holders.

And there’s just too much music out there – so the battle over money for content is not just about HIT SONGS it’s about all kinds of songs and music genres. There’s so much choose from that even if you are able to actually get your song place in Film, TV or commercials you’re not going to make nearly what you used to – just too much competition for those dollars and hence the price and/or value drop and it trickles down, so the pie gets smaller the further you are down the food chain even if you own ALL of your rights to your music.

But that also means there’s a big upside in that you don’t need a label to get your music out there and with “cloud computing” along with Internet and/or streaming content you CAN get your music out there to the public – in fact, the playing field has been leveled and your chances have never been better for you to reach your fans and with a song being able to be send even over streaming technology on your cell phone the chances of your song taking off if it’s a great song has NEVER BEEN BETTER!