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Friday, April 29, 2011

Everybody wants to be a "published author"

But unfortunately, they can barely write a decent e-mail - for that matter they struggle with getting out a TWEET!  Do you really think it's THAT EASY to write a book?  Well just sit down and TRY! 

And even if you can write a book - good luck with getting it published - especially if you don't know proper grammar - or you write in all lower case! 

I saw this and coudln't help but laugh - especially when I see people that say that "I could have written that book" when they see mine -

Yeah RIGHT - that's 656 pages - I doubt you can even Finish READING MY BOOK much less WRITE ONE! 

Again this is just TOO FUNNY!

Just laughing too hard to even type any more...


Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Blog or to just Blog-Post (Or just what?)

With all of the new ways to get your message across - which platform should you consider?  And how does one find the time?

I've been blogging intermittently on this "blogger" site for quite some time now - I'd have to go back and actually look to see when I wrote my first blog for this particular FEED and/or FEEDS.  But I'm sure it's been quite a while.  In the past, I had maintained my four My Space Pages: Steve Moore & the New South (my band a.k.a. "The Cowboy Killers"); High Cotton Records (my label), The Truth about the Music Biz (my book); and Music Square One (MSO - the parent company to ALL of my MUSIC endeavors where I would post music, blog about the music business, etc.  And I still sort of check up on My Space every so often and that used to take up a good deal of my time - answering friend requests, checking/approving comments, etc  But when I started to see that many of my friends were dropping off My Space as my friend count dropped from 6 figures to much less than that - then I noted that there was a paradigm shift.  Everything was indeed changing. 

Since my interests are NOT by any means restricted to music, songwriting, producing, audio/video work or for that matter the MUSIC BUSINESS - I've constantly opened and closed numerous accounts to allow me many platform to share my ideas, thoughts, and yes, even some of my writings (published or otherwise) that include prose, poetry, and even some short stories - yet, when I had finished my book, "The Truth about the Music Business" - I sort have had said quite a bit in those 656 some pages or so - so I backed off on the concentrated writings and moved to some shorter forms.  Hence, I had set up a twitter account (and now have several), but find that 140 Characters can be restrictive and yet liberating at the same time - but no matter how succinct or obscure a "Tweet" may be it usually falls short of getting an entire idea or set of ideas across even with a "bitly" that links to a larger writing, blog post, etc.   In fact, I've probably had too many social network accounts over the past 10 or more years than I can to think about - most of which have either been closed or made entirely private (for reasons I'd just as soon not mention - but "privacy" should be enough). 

With that said, I had built a basic site a long time ago for MSO, High Cotton and band sites, etc but was never really that pleased with them - as other things were more important and just ate up my time as that always seems to be the case - there just aren't enough hours in the day, weeks, or month as they seemingly fly by these days and there's not much time off doing what I do - as I'm far from a nine to fiver (Or as Rich Cobb calls me "A Tireless Second Miler").  And I have never really have been one of those who just sticks to a basic schedule, goes to their "day job" and then does little else but take care of the yard, house and other domestic duties (you work hard to pay people to do that for you) and since I worked as a professional musician paying my way though high school, then college, then law school - I didn't really seem to have much FREE time between band rehearsals, moving equipment and constant gigging.  Then when I was in Nashville a huge part of my day was going out at night - as you don't get clients without being there - where it's happening.  In fact, "you have to pay to play and be present to win" as Ralph Murphy (VP at ASCAP) always said - as he stayed at my house for almost three years or so - until I went through my "major distraction phase" as I sometimes call it. 

Be that as it may, I built a beta test site for Music Square One in pure HTML and hand coded all of it but didn't use a on purpose to see how that would work and also was testing various code plug-ins for widgets and the like - the site worked very well - but it wasn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as I would have liked it to be.  However, to me "form follows function" and in that regard - it was a success.  However, I needed to step up to better software with CS-4 to allow me to add more back end functionality and to use xhtml, div-tables but still needed MORE back end functionality so I ditched pure CSS and moved into PHP.  Which I'm not totally hooked on - it's an incredible language that allows for many arguments (not oral back and forth) as well as tables and Databases for SQL, etc.  So I created the NEW "MSO" site and have pretty much switched all of my new sites into that platform Linux - it had been at least 11 or more years since I even donned the "RED HAT" and set up my own server - which by the way has NEVER ONCE crashed - but I'd have to go back and totally read up on what I had done....but with Linux I found that not only could I cross platforms (MAC or PC) but design for ALL Browsers (although I must say that sometimes my FEEDS in Chrome end up in Code only - go figure - as Google owns almost all RSS feed platforms that I use) - but I digress...

So now that I have integrated my sites so that with ONE push of a button I can update EVERYTHING I have out there, from twitter, to FB, to FB FAN PAGES (that I'm working on now with Static FBML), back to My Space and MORE.  In short, if I were to put this BLOG on my new MSO site - as a POST - I'm done - out it goes to any place I like from my Newsletter (if you've subscribed along with a pretty simple "Captcha" code and verification and everywhere else that I don't mind sharing (but I am careful NOT to allow FB or other "personal sites" in turn feed back out to my websites, blogs, etc. 

And IF I post a new YouTube video - that video can be interconnected to almost all of my social networks as well - and IF I use "Smart YouTube" to post my video on my site - then out it goes yet again.  One just must be careful as to how many auto-shares one has in order that you don't double post or end up posting what's intended to be private (or at least shared with JUST my INNER CIRCLE of readers, friends, etc) such that any particular post ends up where those that I do NOT want to be privy to that information don't get to read it. 

So to answer my own question - to BLOG or to "Blog-Post" - I much prefer to latter - and with that in mind, I'm probably going to set this BLOGGER account aside for a while as I work on my BLOG-POST.

But I will most likely copy/paste my most popular blogs from this format - onto either High Cotton's new site, The Truth about the Music Business (under construction) and/or Steve Moore & the New South (also under construction) or just directly to Music Square One - - hence I won't have to do nearly the work to get that message out and can use my PHP code tracking apps that I wrote myself - to bypass those that think I'm just using Java Script to track my page views, check out IP addresses, and just about ANYTHING I need to know about who visits, when, how long they stay and what they look at - as well as their TEMP CACHE so that I can see WHAT ELSE they've been looking at as well - pretty Scary - but that the Beauty of PHP and Linux!  My PHP hosted images can keep me informed...and hence to me a blog-post RULES! 

Singing out for now and perhaps for quite a while as I've got MORE coding to do - and then it's back to the Code that I'm most used to - USC, CFR, et seq - But I wan't just have to FIND the time - I'll have to MAKE the time!  It's like I've said time and time again, you'll never get published - unless you WORK at it - and you have to FINISH - as I was reminded by one of my new writers - where I turned that into a sort of joke.  'Two aspiring authors are in a book store - one says to the other - The only difference between these writers and us - THEY FINISHED!  (and of course, then you have to get a pub deal - but I was lucky enough to sign a deal and get paid up front - so I was for sure going to get published - but in today's world - you don't need a publisher - you just need to finish - there's plenty of start-ups that will help you get self published - one of my companies are included in those start-ups - I'm just a little ahead of the game!)

Res Ipsa Loquitor....


Friday, April 8, 2011


It only took 12 hours but the NEW MUSIC SQUARE ONE SITE IS UP! 

Of course, there's a LONG way to go - but it's all good! 

Check it out HERE:   Music Square One  

Can't wait to get more content in there - got a LOT of testimonials and videos to ad, etc - but a LOT of work on the videos to get done too - with my NEW SONY VEGAS PRO 10 HD!

Wow, it just never ends, but I"m going to play nice in the Sandbox with Reverb Nation and go ahead and post all of my music (ot as much as POSSIBLE) as I'll put out "TRUE MERIDIAN" on iTunes, Last FM, etc  - and just keep my SINGLE "HOLD BACK THE NIGHT" under "The Cowboy Killers" - and then push up the Meridian Compilation CD I recorded for High Cotton Records, but getting a TON done while I can before the STORM HITS - and I won't have time for much of anything,,,PRODUCTION after PRODCUTION on the way soon...

But I'm pleased with the new site and can't wait to get in there and mess with the CSS and PHP code...

More to come...Stay Tuned!

Steve @ MSO

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The iPad for musicians and on the road social networking!

There are very few tools that take credit for redefining the way that music is created. For me, the love affair with producing music has just been an ongoing thing - especially with Pro Tools and all of the cool virtual instrments you now can use - who needs a BAND?   But the iPad is about to change the way I think about creating music as I'm not always in my studio - nor care to be!  Idea can come at any time!  

So why not have a tool handy that you can WORK with - at least to get your ideas down before taking them back to the STUDIO for the REAL work to begin!

The new the iRig can be hooked up to any guitar and then add the iRig’s Microphone, a decent condenser microphone that is of decent quality to become a live mic - if there's not too much ambient noise! But you do need a good pair of headphones and my Bose Nose Cancelling and yes, ACTIVE headphones (meaning they have POWER) work just fine! 

But from my standpoint - with all these cool little tools and apps, I can get down to the Songwriting, which leads to arrangements and producing -  and then I can worry about performing the songs live - later on!

But with so much power in one device - you can be writing anywhere you go! It's also a great little pre-production tool as you can use Garage band to get ideas for beats, tempos, as well as other instrumentation you think you may want on the REAL tracks, etc.

And of course, the amp modeler and mic models - with plug-ins make you sound GREAT - I'll have to check to see when or IF the melodyne will come as an app - if it does...WOW!
But I'm tickled pink that I can use my Jimi H - amp, or my double twin reverbs - along with a great drum track and lay it down!  ALL LIVE and in my HOTEL ROOM! 

I''m just loving the technology - and of course, I do love my ONSWIPE plug-ins for my website too!  As I can post and do all kinds of stuff from Admin - and whatever i create - just save to mp3 - post it and it's gone out to ALL of my social networks!  Now that's COOL!


Monday, April 4, 2011


Well there's a LOT to it  - but then again, it's not as hard as you think...

I heard a funny anectdote while meeting with my new writer for dinner last night - her work is going to blow you away! 

She's with a friend at the local book store and marveling at ALL of the books - so I've just copied/pasted this from a FB POST


I heard something last night that REALLY rang true and it was a combination of wisdom, common sense and humour - one aspiring author is speaking to another in a book store - and one says: the only difference between these books and ours - THEY ARE FINISHED!


There's a little more to it than that - and I was lucky and got a BIG ADVANCE for my book so getting it published was a SURE THING - doubt that will happen for a first time writer - BUT if you want to be published - then you have to pick a topic, write, write, and write some more - edit and then write some more - pick a starting and stopping point!  And FINISH!  Then worry about the rest of it...

I was signed to turn in 180 pages...6 months in - I was OVERDUE - they said, "What you can't write 180 pages in 6 months? I was like - sure, but I'm at almost 400 pages and NOT even close to finished.

I literally cranked out over 656 pages (not including intro, dedications, etc) and SKIPPED two levels of Edittors - Thanks to Dr. Ben Fisher at the Univ of MS - my English teacher and mentor that didn't put up with sub-par work - he demanded PERFECTION and that's why he got FIRST THANKS in MY BOOK!


Steve @ MSO