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Friday, April 8, 2011


It only took 12 hours but the NEW MUSIC SQUARE ONE SITE IS UP! 

Of course, there's a LONG way to go - but it's all good! 

Check it out HERE:   Music Square One  

Can't wait to get more content in there - got a LOT of testimonials and videos to ad, etc - but a LOT of work on the videos to get done too - with my NEW SONY VEGAS PRO 10 HD!

Wow, it just never ends, but I"m going to play nice in the Sandbox with Reverb Nation and go ahead and post all of my music (ot as much as POSSIBLE) as I'll put out "TRUE MERIDIAN" on iTunes, Last FM, etc  - and just keep my SINGLE "HOLD BACK THE NIGHT" under "The Cowboy Killers" - and then push up the Meridian Compilation CD I recorded for High Cotton Records, but getting a TON done while I can before the STORM HITS - and I won't have time for much of anything,,,PRODUCTION after PRODCUTION on the way soon...

But I'm pleased with the new site and can't wait to get in there and mess with the CSS and PHP code...

More to come...Stay Tuned!

Steve @ MSO