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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Netflix and the Long Tail is it getting shorter?

Long Tail Marketing – the Future! Not any more. And that was the real trick as Netflix used to say one could get over 30,000 title and 10,000 “STREAMING” movies over the internet as part of your service – but nobody had an internet ready TV of Blu-Ray player.

But all that’s changed, more and more people are moving from their computers to their internet ready devices and now Netflix is complaining about Hollywood asking TOO much money for streams and of course, in reaction to ALL of this they have now reduced the number of streaming titles to something you can almost search through in less than an hour.

Are Joost, Hulu and other streaming services along with others that are now offering streaming movies hurting Netflix? You BET! Are they hurting them bad? Not really as many people may have bought the Blu-Ray players that hook up to your TV and are configured with your wireless router assuming people can sort that out – or if they don’t have an SSID (secured router such that the neighbors can piggy back along) or even some have bought internet ready TV’s but most people are not THAT tech savvy and don’t know that they can run a simple DVI/HDMI out and hook that up direct to most NEWER TV – or in the worst case, they can run a simple S-Video out of their existing Video Card from the back of their computer – but what about the AUDIO? Simple enough; just take a splitter for 16mm pin and run a wire from your sound card direct to the audio input of your TV unless of course you watch TV or MOVIES from your computer. And that was the case with Netflix a long time ago, as you had to KNOW how to get both Audio and Video to your TV – if you didn’t want to watch from your laptop or your computer.

As more and more content is available online and as your TV merges into your iPad, or other Devices along with internet ready TV devices – having just the major Brand options on your TV won’t mean much in the coming years as more and more companies are going to be offering streaming services and the company that merges your computer to your TV the FASTEST with NO RESTRTAINTS are going to way ahead of the pack and as more and more CONTENT is streamed, Hollywood is going to be faced with the same decision as the music business.

And let us not forget that Comcast has bought out NBC – so they’ll be getting in on the Content Game as they at Comcast are already cutting back on your ISP Baud Rates – mine has dropped down to at least 10 Kpbs down instead of my 28 Kpbs that I once had. Is it because of Bit Torrent – NO – it’s because of Netflix and other streaming services like Pandora! I guess you CAN’T have it ALL like they say….


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking for a ONE STOP PLACE for Branding, A/V, Websites, etc?

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well it's just gotten so if you can't find what you want - FREE - then you are not looking very hard.

Now I'm not a huge proponent of FREE DOWNLOADS, even though my company along with Mike Lawson did the very FIRST Internet download EVER  *(and it was LEGAL) via CompuServer before the WWW even existed.

Be that as it may, there's a LOT happening in the STREAMING markets - and it looks like SPOTIFY will be moving to America - of course, there's plenty of other places to go - Mr. "KVETCH" prefers the whole AOL thing but I'm just NOT a fan of AOL/TIME WARNER since they bought out CompuServe and were SO PERVASIVE during the 90's and early 2000's - I've got too many friends using AOL interface for E-mail etc and if they've got a computer issue - it's usually AOL that's the problem - even if you UNINSTALL AOL it still leaves a TON of files all over your computer that you can't get rid of UNLESS you reformat...

But I digress...

I've got Satellite XM/Sirius in my car and the Internet - but I like some variety and don't like to pay for Satellite on my PC/MAC - so while I'm in the car, I usually listen to the Coffeehouse - Acoustic Covers, etc - but while I'm working - I really like Pandora - I've created almost 50 stations and can listen to almost any Genre, song, artist, you name it- but as with all things...I have to deal with the odd commercial now and again, as they become more pervasive - I'll just pay for it - let's just hope we don't get an ISP TAX for CONTENT - as that may WORK well for the Internet Service Providers and in some way for STREAMING SERVICES - but that will NOT BODE well for the CONTENT PROVIDERS - as what METRIC will they use to PAY the ARTIST, SONGWRITERS or even pay the session players, their meager $0.0000000001 cents per play.  It's gotten just a LITTLE bit ridiculous but what can you expect when almost every musician or their brother has a home studio and crank out music and then POST almost anywhere and EVERYWHERE -

Hence the reason I like Pandora - (even though it does have an ARBITRON type algorithm to pick other songs) - but I can choose enough channels or create more to focus in on what I like. 

But I also query, how do they keep up with people that have two computers side by side - and use ST AUDIO OUT - into STEREO AUDIO IN  and just make their OWN copies of what's being played.  Well there's NOT much anyone can do!  But I do NOT have a problem paying for subscription services as opposed to buying song from iTunes - as once I've listened to a song a few times - I really don't care to revisit it anytime soon. But that's the future - all things available at all times - so get used to it - and learn how to build your own websites, get your brand out there - and work those social networks, because IF your MUSIC IS GOOD ENOUGH the people will COME!!

Royalties may not be what they used to be - nor is there much value in Sync Rights - but I love what Pomplomoose is doing - a simple set up with Pro Tools, a couple of Hi-Def cams and Sony Vegas and they've got their own label - and not even a very good website - but they are doing well and I"m happy for them - it's a brave new world - see be ready for change and go with the flow - as there's never been a better time to try to break out on your own - and with only FOUR MAJOR LABELS left - and EMI about to close the BIG THREE left standing haven't changed - so why not change along with the times!

Keep chasing your dreams and don't wait on success to knock on your door - go out and knock the doors down! 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MIDEM – THE International Music Conference in Cannes France

You can't afford to MISS THIS!!

I think my first trip to Cannes (pronounced CAN not CAHN) was in January of 1991 or 92. I had a friend of mine that was staying at my house in Nashville for an extended period of time as it was a good fit for the both of us. His name: Ralph Murphy. Ralph is currently VP of ASCAP Nashville and had been to Midem since – well before I had gotten out of high school. Ralph and I had a deal that he would introduce me to everyone he knew as I was new in Nashville and even though I had a Law Degree with a focus on International Law – I didn’t have much experience on the international scene either and if you are looking to break into work on the international level in the music business then MIDEM is the place to do it! So we planned our trip to Cannes and off we went.

It’s held at the end of January every year and is the most incredible trade show you could ever attend. Imagine if you will, people from all over the world showing up in the same place and all having their first of the year budgets ready to spend. You will find that you will end up meeting more people and making more deals that you could in MONTHS of working the phones and corresponding or even attending any other event in the music business. It’s like a feeding frenzy and be prepared to not get much sleep as I closed more deals after MIDNIGHT than I did all day as that’s when things slow down and you get a chance to sit and visit with people for an extended period of time.

Just BE PREPARED if you go – ship as much of your accoutrement ahead of time and have it waiting at the Hotel as you do NOT want to be lugging around a ton of CD’s or Promo Items, etc as it’s a long trip and also pack an extra change of clothes in your shipment as my first trip there – the airlines lost my luggage so I was without my suits for a couple of days – but that’s a whole other story. Also, there are plenty of shuttles so do NOT stay on the main strip if you want to save some money! I usually stayed at Cannes Beach Residence and could literally have several of my friends stay in my Beach Suite as it had two bedrooms, a couch, a bed under the couch and you could get MORE beds if you like. Want you privacy? Don’t worry about it – you won’t be in your hotel room very much as there’s just TOO much going on and you don’t want to waste a second.

The most important thing is to pay for floor access – you don’t need a booth (unless that’s your thing) but you get there early, grab a couple of espressos and hit the floor! Bring comfortable shoes as you’re going to be doing a TON of walking and that’s what you do – walk from one end of the place to the next which is sort of laid out like a baseball field – you hit one side and then the other and every 10 feet or so, you’ll hit a booth with plenty of people to talk to! So have your business cards ready – I found that I could literally not just pitch my clients for international deals but that there were PLENTY of people trying to work with somebody from Nashville so I would end up getting enough work to keep me busy for 6 months after the show.

Go to as many seminars that are of interest and plan your day from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. as that’s the kind of days your going to face – remember people are coming from ALL time zones so there’s going to be people up and out to mingle with 24/7. I could go on and on – but I could literally write another book about this show, the stories and experience I had but the MOST important thing I would like my readers to get out of this Blog is that if you don’t go – you’ll never know and it is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have in your life – I made that trip many, many times and am working my way back to being able to go more often as well as perhaps hitting the multi-media show that’s held in March before the international film festival in May which are all held at the same place! The Palais De Festival…and don’t think you can’t afford it – you can’t afford NOT to go! And if you do it right – you WILL MAKE MONEY! So if you can, get your passport ready, book your hotel and flights way in advance, get a game plan so you don’t waste any time and JUST GO! It will change your life forever! For more information check out:

Happy, yet safe travels and go take on the world!