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Friday, May 13, 2011

Steve Moore & the New South's New Website is UP!

Yes, Steve Moore finally has gotten around to building the new website for his main band!

Please Visit: 

Steve Moore & the New South 

I doubt I'll post much to that site - but maybe go through the history of the band - maybe scan some PRESS, and some old FLYERS - etc - pretty much a trip down nostalgic lane - but I figured I'd go ahead and get the domain, put up the site and then just see what happens!  I've still got some back end work to complete - more soporifically SEO, SEM, SEP, but all of the SMO is done! 

Most of my NEW BLOGS will be added to MSO's New site - where I'll be adding more of my informational blogs in the FAQ section - and adding NEWS and other POSTS - as we are starting to grow - we'll be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SOON and making a HUGE MOVE on NASHVILLE!  Can't say anything more than that as this point as my new partner is taking the weekend off to Celebrate his Birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! (that should be a hint!?)

Stay Tuned by Visiting:

Music Square One 


High Cotton Records

All the best - as always...

Steve Moore, B.A., J.D., Author
"The Truth About the Music Business"
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